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Molana Tariq Jameel

Molana Tariq Jamee is a Pakistani television preacher and scholar. He is a member of Tablighi Jamati and was awarded the Pride of Performance Award in 2020. His enlightened message of peace and harmony has reached millions of people around the world. His award-winning videos have won him several awards including the prestigious Observer of Islam award. His television shows have aired on Pakistani television, and they have attracted many Muslim viewers from across the globe.

Maulana Tariq Jameel was born to a zamindar family and studied medicine in Lahore. Upon becoming interested in Islam, he decided to study at the Jamia Arabia, Raiwind. He is a member of Tablighi and a Deobandi scholar. He travels the world, giving speeches on the religion and the importance of peace. He believes that a difference of opinion in beliefs is not enough to justify killing.

The Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel has a wide variety of topics to address. He has a background in the sciences and teaches modern urban Muslims about Islam. He preaches tolerance and peace and has an excellent command of Arabic. He lives a simple life with no frills but is a man of deep faith. It is obvious that his message is reaching millions of people.

Molana Tariq Jameel Contact Number, Address and Biography

NameMolana Tariq Jameel
Head Office AddressMadrasa Al Hasanain, Green Town, Millat Road, Faisalabad
Phone Or Contact Number041 8845035, 041 8848036, +923138666080

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