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Jinnah Hospital Karachi

The Jinnah Hospital is one of the largest government-operated hospitals in Pakistan. It is located on Rafiqui Shaheed Road, in the Karachi Cantonment neighborhood. As of 2015, the Jinnah hospital saw about 1 million patients annually. The hospital’s extensive list of doctors can be viewed online or by visiting the website. It offers an array of medical specialties, including cardiology, orthopedics, and more.

Medical Services And Departments Of Jinnah Hospital Karachi

It is one of the largest hospitals in the city and serves around 5,000 patients daily. Most of these patients arrive on bare metal gurneys, wait for days in outer corridors, and wait in long lines for X-ray scans and appointments with overwhelmed staff. While Jinnah Hospital is one of the oldest public health care facilities in the city, it has been plagued by terrorism and violence.

The hospital is a tertiary care center with over 1600 beds and 31 departments. It is affiliated with the National Institutes of Cardiovascular Disease and Child Health. It is home to over one million patients annually, with 60,000 admitted and 30,000 surgeries and over 15,000 deliveries each year. While it is one of the oldest public health care facilities in the city, it has not been immune to the ravages of violence.

List Of Doctors

Dr. Naseer Ahmed Sharib – Chest Specialist

Dr. Syeda Rabia Zehra – Pulmonologist

Dr. Faizyab Ahmed – Neurosurgeon

Dr. Sonam Mandhan – Chest Specialist

Dr. Osama Bin Shakeel – General Physician

Jinnah Hospital Karachi Content Number, Address And Map

AddressRafiqui، Sarwar Shaheed Rd, Karachi Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75510, Pakistan
Hours24 Hours

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